Recruiting from "A" to "Z"


October 25, SHEN training center held a training for specialists in the selection and hiring of personnel.

For the generation of new knowledge, participants come from the central, southern, western and eastern regions. At the beginning of training were considered the most common methods of recruiting, analyzed their effectiveness, recommendations for their optimization.

Most of the sessions was devoted to the selection of summaries, drawing up the profile of the position, the tools of structured interviews, active listening techniques, diagnostics instruments in the selection of personnel (the ability to ask the right questions, identify the necessary qualities and abilities of the applicant). The last block of a united questions about nonverbal signals of movements that help professionals learn to recognize the selection, whether the candidate speaks the truth.

The training was quite dynamic, theoretical information was replaced by exercises and case studies that will consolidate the acquired knowledge. A friendly atmosphere, the opportunity to discuss topics of concern, breaks with refreshments - all this has created favorable conditions for the acquisition of knowledge and tools in the field of recruitment.

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