The test of professional tools for floors care


One of the criteria of professionalism in the cleaning is to ensure the appearance of the surfaces of all served to its original level ("as new"). Service hypermarkets requires competent approach to the selection of chemicals for cleaning floors. In the market there is a wide range of funds from foreign and domestic manufacturers. None of them did not cover the whole range of tools that may be needed for the care of floors, so SNEN company always strives tried out new items to find the best means.

Full testing cycle includes the steps of:

► definition of the trading zone with a maximum cross-buyers;

study of the type of pollution - the band from shoes, wheels of carts and forklifts;

the separation zone at 10 sites to test a variety of means;

a full cleaning every area using floor cleaning equipment;

evaluation of the results of the primary cleaning floors and grading;

evaluation of the surface state after 2 hours.


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