Training of managers and chiefs of sectors CR

Corporate training in its own training center allows SHEN company efficiently and in a short time to improve the training and performance of staff. It's no secret that the training activities are only effective if the acquired knowledge into practice which allowing you to develop new behaviors and improve the efficiency of every employee. For internal trainer is important for any company professionalism, commitment to development, loyalty and willingness to share corporate values. Training Specialist from SHEN company Inga Mrynskaya is perfectly combines personal and professional experience with the ability and desire to teach others.

In August 2013 with the help of a specialist SHEN company paired with an external business coach and psychologist further developed a training course for managers and heads of sectors of central region and a network of supermarkets Silpo and Fora. Classes include several stages each lasting 8 hours.

Training "Communication skills and the art of communication" is modular structure, the use of different layout of case studies and exercises, qualitatively selected handouts and a variety of methods of presenting information have greatly enhance the learning and effective use of staff workload. The participants in a dynamic, fun and cozy atmosphere of learning verbal and non-verbal means of communication; mastered the technique briefly and clearly, to put the right questions to keep the psychological pressure and to choose the right tone of communication with different types of people, the ability to say "no"; learned to recognize and apply the manipulative influence of technology on human beings and more.

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