Training at Kärcher Academy

Training Kärcher Academy world's first Russian-language Academy Kärcher opened its doors for the training of specialists in the field of professional cleaning in 2012.

August 11, 2013 was held training SHEN managers, both the northern and eastern regions. The theoretical part of the training was held in the cozy classroom equipped with everything necessary for the efficient perception of information. I would also like to acknowledge the quality and the availability of handouts and manuals.

Practice was held in a huge exhibition hall, where each participant had the opportunity to test the new scrubber technology on different types of floor coverings, with different degrees of contamination. Participants gladly received practical skills with new models of vacuum cleaners and floor polishers. The problems of operating battery scrubber technology, offers advice and tips to improve the quality of service technicians.

At the end of the course, each participant was awarded a certificate of the Academy of Kärcher.

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