New Line

New Line
New Line

National network of decorative and building hypermarkets New Line is the market leader in Ukraine in the format of Do it yourself. The main strategy of the company is always to listen to each customer, to understand his/her needs and   to look for the best offers of highly quality products at affordable prices.

The basic idea, which New Line as a philosophy brings to life,  is fashionable and affordable products at low prices.

New Line aims to satisfy each customer, ensuring the presence in its shopping centers necessary goods of  high quality for  building, repair and construction of the  house.

The basic principle of formation of the range of goods  of New Line's hypermarkets is high quality, modern design and low price.

The range of additional services offered by  New Line will satisfy the most exacting customer: power tools rental, serging seam of carpet, wood cutting, delivery of goods and special bonus system, which helps to save money.