Best of areas were identified retail

Within the Retail & Development Business Party September 15, 2016 were awarded the best retail areas of the company following the results of the second half of 2015 - first half of the 2016's.

Unformatted meeting of top managers and owners of companies in retail and development was held in UBI Konferenets Hall SHOW. The event was attended by over 200 guests, who spent a few hours in a relaxed atmosphere, the general, exchanging experiences and impressions.

In the final meeting they were named winners in seven categories.

Chose the nominees and winners of the participants Retail & Development Business Party and the advisory council, which included 15 representatives from all areas of business, including founder and CEO SHEN Sergei Shulga.

In the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year" - gadget store chain ZHZHUK - she opened for the year 109 outlets.

The second nomination - "Discovery of the Year" - an international network of clothing stores for IDEXE children, not only risked to enter the Ukrainian market in a very difficult time, but also to expand its office to nine outlets.

The difficult economic situation and the devaluation of the hryvnia began a stimulus for the active development of the Ukrainian producers, including those in the fashion-segment. Therefore, the logical was the awarding of the domestic manufacturing companies, opened on June 30, 2016 the largest number of stores. With a score of 108 points of sale in this category won Arber brand.

Next nomination emphasized the importance of retail in Ukraine - "The Best Taxpayer". According to the State Fiscal Service, most of all taxes and duties paid to the state budget chain of supermarkets and discounters ATB, and which was awarded the honorary trophy.

Last on sequence, but not least, the nomination marked the best retailers in the various spheres of trade segments: FMCG, drogerie, home appliances and electronics.

In the segment of FMCG event guests and experts recognized as the best one of the largest trading networks of Ukraine - Fozzy Group.

Among drogerie-companies competed for the victory all the leading retail chains of the country: Cosmo, Prostor, EVA, Watsons. According to the respondents who voted on the site and the expert council of the best of them on the basis of 2015/16 was the Ukrainian's division of international corporation Watsons.

And finally, among the consumer electronics market players RDBP participants and experts named the best company Citrus.

SHEN Company congratulates the winners and nominees of the contest with a well-deserved victory !

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