Commercial real estate and landscape design. Tips for planting

Exterior of any commercial object often plays a decisive role in the success of an enterprise. "Meet on clothes," has not been canceled, and the view of the building, well-groomed territory, properly spaced accents of green in the office, always give solidity and positive effect on the company's image and create an attractive first impression to potential customers and partners.

Before you buy and arrange the plants in the office, and apply design decisions, it is necessary to take into account several factors:

  • The amount of light in the rooms; the amount of natural lighting, time of day when the sun's rays enter the room, and whether it is fall, some artificial lighting, etc.

  • Size of the room; a large number of plants in a small building create the impression of a greenhouse, but not the workspace.

  • The ability to place vertical or horizontal designs for zoning rooms or open spaces.


The most important moment in the office is the choice of landscaping plants. Improperly selected plants can adversely affect the atmosphere and climate of the office, which in turn affects the productivity and health of workers. Also, too large trees, flowering plants, etc. can only spoil the view of the office. Do not forget that plants need constant care, watering, pruning, without which plants can not survive or will have unpresentable form.


When landscaping the area around the business object you want to audit areas including soil study, lighting, existing landing in the territory, the presence of bodies of water, etc.

According to the data to determine the following important points:

  • The need for planting large trees;

  • Installing or upgrading of existing small architectural forms, benches, urns, borders, vertical structures etc.

  • Building fountains, ponds, swimming pools and other water bodies

  • The need for irrigation, drainage

  • Determination of saturation landscaping with plants, lawn placement determination zones, etc.

  • Creation of access roads, sidewalks, paved, unpaved tracks, etc.

And of course choosing the right plants the most important step in the creation of green design in the surrounding areas. Landscape - a living organism, which is influenced by many factors: the seasons, soil, lighting, watering frequency, and many other factors.

For example, to create flower beds, rock gardens and other solutions that involve planting of flowering plants, it is best to choose a few species, the vegetative period in different seasons, so that these areas will always look neat and tidy.

Palm trees thrive outdoors in our climate zone only a few months a year, so if you decide to decorate the area with tropical plants, they should be planted in pots or other special forms that with the onset of cold weather can be transferred to the premises.


The Shen Company, has extensive experience in the field of landscape design and landscaping solutions offices, domestic commercial and industrial premises. Our systematic approach to create a unique microclimate, and customized solutions in combination with modern design will help to decorate objects of any complexity.


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