How to protect own business

Security object is an important component in the management and operation of commercial real estate. The systematic and professional approach will help to protect your business and prevent unauthorized access to the site and damage to property within the grounds.



There are 3 basic types of protection of real estate:

  • Physical. Under it meant  security facility by specially trained personnel who are physically being present at the facility, oversees the area, makes regular rounds, monitors video surveillance system in the territory. This type of protection is ideal for commercial premises.

  • Centralized security. Installation of the special equipment, sensors, when triggered, which leaves in place a dedicated team of rapid response

  • Unprofessional protection. It includes, conventional locks, guard dogs, unprofessional guards, etc. This kind of protection is very unreliable and is effective only in combination with one of the above species.


Let us consider in more detail the physical protection of the facility, as the main type of commercial property protection. At first glance it seems that it is quite a simple aspect of the organization. However, several factors should be taken into account for the effective operation of the internal or external security:

  • Area real estate and the surrounding area. This factor affects the number of personnel required for the conservation, monitoring equipment installation, etc.

  • Object Mode. Schedule staff and visiting clients, customers it.d. is critical to build a system of work protection

  • Location. It is obvious that the system of protection of the object also depends on the location of the object in a densely populated area or an industrial zone, whether the object is close to a busy highway, etc.

  • Available equipment, appliances, other valuable property. This knowledge will help to determine the risks associated with burglary and attempted burglary.


After receiving the initial information about the object can proceed to a more detailed audit. According to the results of a complex of measures for the protection of property, which includes: the number of the required protection, frequency bypass areas defined special control area, the number and positioning of cameras for video surveillance, the need to set up checkpoints.


After the implementation of all the above measures should also conduct periodic security monitoring works to identify weaknesses and improve its work. Moreover, in an age of information review progress of emerging technologies, software, etc. and the need for gradual introduction of the company, will significantly enhance the effectiveness of the protection and may reduce the monthly costs associated with the activity.


Shen company for 10 years working in the field of Facility Management, offering to protect your business. We offer a package that includes round the clock physical protection of the facility, organization of access control in the enterprise, if necessary, as well as installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems at the facility. Special attention is paid Shen recruiting highly qualified staff and adapt it according to corporate culture and methods of customer work.

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