Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services are one of the packages of the services of SHEN company which provide management of commercial real estate through outsourcing.

We guarantee our partners the most comfortable conditions for business development!

Cleaning services

The portfolio of cleaning services of the territory includes services that can complement each other, or be selected as separate services.

1.1.   Daily cleaning of  real estate:

⇒removing of dirt from all surfaces;

⇒removing of local dirt  from devices and equipment;

⇒care for furniture, carpets, glass and mirror surfaces;

⇒cleaning of sanitary facilities and dining rooms.

1.2.   General cleaning of  real estate:

It includes the ability to order a general or after construction cleaning that removes all kinds of dirt from various surfaces, including dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture.

1.3.   After construction cleaning of  real estate:

⇒dedusting, wash of illumination engineering, radiators, door frames, ceilings, walls, floors, hard surfaces;

⇒using special remedies for cleaning the dirt with the aim of saving the original integrity of the materials;

⇒wet cleaning, washing of windows;

⇒dry cleaning of carpets  if it is  necessary;

⇒carry and removal of waste building materials and bulky waste.

1.4.   Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture:

It provides  thorough and regular care of upholstered furniture.

1.5.   Dry cleaning of carpets:

⇒pre-treatment of carpets by means of special cleaning remedies;

⇒mechanized cleaning of carpets by means the rotor;

⇒removing dirt and all residues of the solution.

1.6.   Washing  of windows and shop windows:

⇒removing dirt on the windows and shop windows from the outside;

⇒cleaning of window frames and whitening if it is  necessary;

⇒cleaning of window sills;

⇒cleaning of windows and shop windows from the inside;

⇒removing of stains.

1.7.  Solid surfaces care:

⇒marble and marble polishing;




⇒ceramic tile;

⇒linoleum, etc.

1.8. Cleaning of the territory:

The portfolio of cleaning services of the territory includes services that can complement each other, or be selected as separate services:

⇒cleaning and removing (utilization) of snow and leaves;

⇒cleaning (with the use of cleaners or without them) and waste removing;

⇒work on the territory of the special vehicles;

⇒care landscape elements;

⇒coloring curbs and trees;

⇒services of a yard-keeper.

1.9. Industrial alpinism:

This package of services includes certain activities or integrated  services such as:

⇒removing dirt, cleaning of windows and building facades;

⇒cleaning the snow from the roof, including removal of icicles, frazil from roofs and drainage systems;

⇒water-repellent  treatment of facades;

⇒seams sealing and interpanel junctions of high-rise buildings;

⇒high-altitude works  on  anticorrosive protection and fire protection;

⇒removing dust from metal constructions, lights and lamps, boxes.

Security and access control

The package of services  allows  providing  full or partial control, safety of buildings and surrounding territories, includes:

⇒twenty-four-hour security of the building and the surrounding territory;

⇒organization of access control in the building and at the parking area;

⇒installation and maintenance of video systems and access control.

Sanitation of facilities (disinfection/ disinsection /deratization)

It includes sanitation of trash cans, garbage containers, places of gathering of garbage and also processing of facilities from rodents, insects and pathogenic fungi.


This package of services from SHEN company includes a full complex of phytodesign  (planting of greenery):

⇒design and interior landscaping;

⇒works on planting of greenery;

⇒creation of a garden of potted plants;

⇒plants care;

⇒pest control potted plants.

Office supply

We offer a full  range of necessaries and materials, including the supply of stationeries, water, tea, coffee for a comfortable and smooth operation of the offices.

Landscape design

To improve the look of your territory, to make it original and incomparable we provide the following  landscape design services:

⇒topographic survey of the area;

⇒designing landscape project and planting of greenery the area;


⇒building up hydraulic structures;

⇒the creation and installation of hard landscaping (rocky gardens, garden houses, swings, barbecue).

For more information and options of integrated real estate services in a certain  region of Ukraine you can get from our managers