Heating supply

The complex of works by heating supply includes installation and maintenance and:

►maintaining in serviceable condition of all equipment, building and other structures of heating networks,  the timely  inspection and repair;

►monitoring the work of pressure compensator, pillars, armatures, drainages, instrumentation and other elements of equipment with the timely detected troubleshooting;

►elimination of excessive losses of heat through the timely disconnection of non-working sections of the network, removing accumulating water in the channels and boxes, liquidation of penetration groundwater and upland waters  in the channels and boxes, timely recovery of damaged insulation;

►elimination of excessive hydraulic losses in the heating network through regular flushing and cleaning of pipelines;

►timely removing through the vent grooves out of the system of heat conductor  and preventing the air inflow by constantly maintaining over pressure at all points of the network and systems of users;

►maintaining in a heating system and heating points of users necessary hydraulic and heating regimes in a systematic verification of the required parameters in characteristic points of the network and heating points of users;

►providing the calculated distribution of the thermal acceptor through the heat points of users;

►taking actions for the prevention, localization and elimination of malfunctions and  network crash. Heating networks are more important than the electrical in our climate zone and the maintenance of heating networks in good condition is one of the main concerns from the point of view by facility management  in Ukraine.