Facility services

Facility company SHEN provides full operational and integrated maintenance of any commercial real estate.

Today the number of facility companies of  Ukraine includes only a limited number of companies because requirements for the quality of services provided are  high enough.

Having a large network of offices throughout Ukraine, SHEN company is working towards of facility management with companies in variety of industries.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the maintenance of  shopping malls, office centers,  airports, railway stations, factory facilities and other commercial facilities.

We have great experience, all the necessary technical resources and qualified staff!



►Effective business processes. Most large European companies use the services of the facility companies that  allow them to optimize key business processes within the company, making them more transparent and efficient.

►High-quality work. For quickness and quality you  have to always use modern technical devices. We offer services of our own already trained specialists and  availability of modern equipment that allows us to easily perform any task at a high level.

►Minimization of emergency situations. Emergency teams of our company operate 24/7.

We are always ready to solve different kinds of tasks and we understand that the speed of reaction in case of emergency is important,  because it will ensure the safety and health of employees, the property of your company.