Environmentally friendly cleaning products and materials

Today, more and more managers think about the health of staff and the conditions of their work. Cleaning companies and organizations providing services Facility Management go for quality and eco-friendly cleaning products and materials for the respective customer requirements. Windshield wipers, tools for cleaning floors, furniture, liquid and gel for cleaning plumbing, pastes, sprays, powders - small list that is used for cleaning offices, supermarkets, shopping mall and other commercial and industrial premises.

The global trend today is aimed at preserving the health of people and nature, so the market appears more and more eco-friendly products for cleaning in the middle and an inexpensive price point, contrary to the popular view of "if" eco "means expensive" or "harmless  it means expensive."

What kind of the same substances must not contain chemicals to be safe for human body and the environment?


In - First, it is phosphates, they cause considerable damage to nature and can cause allergic reactions and damage the respiratory tract in humans. In many countries, detergents containing phosphates are prohibited for more than 30 years in our country, unfortunately, no such prohibitions.

In the - second - anionic surface active agents (surfactants), are toxic, furthermore, these components tend to accumulate in the body, therefore, according to the environmental standard, the content of such substances in vehicles must not exceed 5%. As an alternative, chemistry better use containing ionic surfactants which are harmless.


In addition, eco-friendly and not harmful to the body are such components as: parabens, izpropilovy alcohol, sulfuric acid, formic acid, hydrochloric acid and some other chlorine-containing compounds, etc.


From the foregoing it is clear that the right choice of tools for cleaning, is the key to health and as a result the efficiency of the staff and the company as a whole. Cleaning Facility unit of Shen operates using only cleaners and materials of world famous brands with an eco label and comply with international environmental standards.


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