SHEN  company provides  services for the sanitation of warehouse, office, individual, utility facilities from pathogens - disinfection.

Depending on the remedies of implementation and complex of held activities the following works are provided:

►Preventive disinfection. These works involve a complex of measures to prevent the occurrence of microorganisms at the facility.

Sanitation of residential and industrial buildings in order to prevent the infection distribution and it should be on  regularly basis; this helps to the reduce in seasonal epidemics.   It requires modern remedies of high quality for prevention of this, including bactericidal additives.

There are chemicals that kill bacteria, toxic substances that are formed during the decomposition, putrefaction, the peak of the fungus, etc. during the disinfection works.

Disinfection work held as on the surfaces of various types and so in the air.

►Current disinfection. Works is held directly in the focus of the epidemiological situation.

The aim of this treatment is the elimination of infectious focus and their further spread with the help of potent chemicals and preparations, follow-up monitoring and  holding explanatory works..

►Final disinfection. This type of disinfection is done using chemicals after isolation the source of infection from the facilities. The purpose of such activities is to destroy the pathogens of infection.

Disinfection is quite laborious and complicated   technology process, which is simply impossible to perform without special trained   specialists of SHEN  company and without the use of our professional equipment.