Tips from an expert. Air conditioning and ventilation in an industrial premises

Ventilation and air conditioning - an important element of any building, and most important, when it comes to industrial design. From the design and proper working of these two components depends comfortable working environment, productivity and health of working personnel, the quality and duration of storage of equipment, goods, products, etc. Moreover correctly selected systems for industrial buildings solve the various problems associated with the location, purpose and specifics related to the activity of the enterprise.



For the organization of ventilation and air conditioning systems require a rather complex and expensive equipment, so the first thing is to assess baseline data, namely: financial opportunities for the purchase and installation of equipment, to consider options for supply of equipment, accommodation options and take into account the operating costs.

Installation of systems is possible only on an individual project, which is tailored to the scope of activity of the enterprise, the scale of the room, placement of industrial equipment, walls and other structures affecting the temperature and indoor climate.


For the most secure operation of the system is better to choose explosion-proof fans, and channels for venting placed on objects that release hazardous substances. In today's commercial real estate often install ventilation systems with heat recovery, where the production of heat and warming the incoming air from the air coming out of the room. Experts say a cost savings to 40% during the installation of such equipment, as compared to conventional ventilation systems. With such an obvious saving many mall of  Ukraine, business centers and other businesses, having an outdated ventilation system implemented in their areas o system recovery.


The equipment installed in the room for air-conditioning and ventilation complex and for its long-term and high-quality work to serve his need professionals. The contractor or the management company monitors all systems conducts periodic lubrication of parts, replacement of filters, cleaning of canals, replacement of necessary parts, prevents possible damage associated with untimely maintenance of equipment. In addition, experienced professionals can give valuable advice on optimization or reconstruction of obsolete systems.


The Shen Company, an industry leader in the facility services Ukraine, has extensive experience as a management company. Highly qualified specialists offer services of quality and timely maintenance of the existing ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as service design and installation of new systems to create a comfortable environment for work and leisure.

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