Automation as a tool for making informed decisions

Automation processes are increasingly penetrating business activities. Modern technologies have brought into the world huge amounts of data that the human brain is no longer able to process in a timely manner, and the scope of facility management is no exception.



In fact, thanks to new software solutions and technologies, facility management opens up broad opportunities that change the entire model of service delivery. An important factor in this transformation is the speed and accuracy of decision-making for the effective management of real estate operations. How does automation affect it?


Consider the average multifunctional commercial building. The main tasks of the service company for such an object will be:

  • Creating a safe environment for people, systems, things.
  • Ensure cleanliness of the building
  • Maintaining building systems in working condition, as well as providing maximum savings without compromising the comfort of people in the building
  • Maintain comfortable climatic conditions, including temperature, humidity, air quality.

It is clear that for such tasks a well-coordinated work of a professional team, experience in project management, a developed business process model, and quality control are required. However, with specialized software, operation management can be simpler, more transparent, and more efficient.


All data related to cleaning, security, maintenance, operation of systems including the speed of cleaning, the emergence of new contaminants, the presence and number of cleaning products and tools, reports on security measures taken, incidents, performance of fire-fighting systems, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, etc e get into a single system in real time. The software processes information providing it to the user in a convenient form of reports, graphs and charts. Thus, all information on the object is provided on the screen anywhere in the world at any time and a decision can be made remotely on the basis of objective data, and not subjective personnel assessment.


In its work, SHEN Facility uses Prengi software, individually designed for the company's tasks by the European developer V&A Solutions. Thanks to this platform, all sorts of tasks and processes related to the maintenance of the property take place in a single system, so that the customer can at any time obtain all the necessary information on his building, and SHEN does its work in the most efficient way, optimizing customer resources.


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