SM Arkadia

SM Arkadia
SM Arkadia

Arkadia shopping mall is located on the left bank of Dnepro  river - area Osokorki. Its location and convenience  transportation makes it popular among the residents of the district. It's a great place  you can visit as for a quality shopping and so for a family rest.

Many customers pay attention to a stylish and sleek design of the facade of the mall, a large range  of shops, as well as the attractiveness of the interior of the building.

Convenient location of the complex attracts buyers — there is no need to go far, for those who come by car there is a free parking for 300 places.

Arkadia is one of the most spacious shopping malls in Kiev.

A large area of ​​the complex reserved specifically for the customer walks, not for the shops, it is a huge plus for the shopping mall.