AK-Ukraine with KAM!

September 22-25, 2015  SHEN company was invited to a specially organized tour of the AK-Ukraine with KAM for 12 VIP guests Kärcher in Berlin (Germany). During the tour, the participants visited factories in Bühlertal (Production of H&G), Oberes Bühlertal and Winnenden, logistics center Oberes Bühlertal, Park cleanliness TBD, and also took part in the exhibition CMS (Messe). The tour Kärcher company have included a demonstration and launch of new models of professional equipment like high pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, floor care and spare parts, accessories to them; the visit to production halls, halls development and research, the center for quality testing and much more. The exhibition visitors were able to get a lot of interesting information about the features of cleaning and effective equipment, meeting the highest level of the company Kärcher.

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