Chemical disinfection. What is important to know?

In the operation of commercial real estate there is a need in the periodic chemical disinfection of some rooms. Chemical disinfection - is essentially a processing facilities, equipment or surfaces with special chemicals that kill pathogens of infectious diseases, which in turn adversely affect the health and performance of staff.

There are several important points during chemical disinfection:

  • In carrying out these activities in the premises must not be strangers, as if inhaled fumes of chemicals, you can get not just an allergic reaction, and respiratory tract burns.
  • Personnel conducting disinfection must wear special protective equipment, so as not to harm their health.
  • For optimal effect, the surface prior to the disinfection must be cleaned of dirt and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Depending on the facilities also used special equipment to achieve maximum effect.
  • It is also important to understand that the one-time disinfection is not a panacea, and these procedures should be carried out prophylactically with some regularity, to prevent the occurrence of infection.

The Shen Company, for more than 10 years working in the market of facility services in Ukraine, and is a leader in this field. The organization has extensive experience in cleaning and disinfection of premises, using in their work checked professional chemicals brands.

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