Process automation. Future is today

Today, automation - a progressive approach to process management in the enterprise, using the latest technology to improve the quality and reduce the risks associated with the human factor, as well as to optimize processes and reduce follow-up costs.


Today's market offers a huge number of automation processes as a complex and individual, a lot of software, controllers, telemetry systems, etc., to understand all the nuances of the work of these systems a person without relevant experience and education is extremely difficult. The main trend of previous years was the automation of some of the most important and costly processes of the enterprise. But as in any business, the greatest efficiency provides an integrated approach, so now the organizations requests shifted towards integration in one company all the processes in a single information system. Automation solutions to the economic problems, administration, processes, and combining them into one set is no easy task, so any information system should be flexible enough that it can be easily adapted to the operating conditions of a business, according to the requests and needs of the customer, taking into account all the nuances and specifics.

In the past few years, there has been a significant advance in the development of software, including, in the monitoring and analysis processes. For today's business enough to simply monitor the situation, you need to have constant access to information by a group of people and in a convenient form.


It was not an exception and program market for facility companies. One of the most convenient and innovative products, in our opinion, is the FMC Solution powered by V & A solutions. This program includes the following features:

  • Control of the state of infrastructure

  • He line monitoring around the clock 24/7

  • Convenient preparation and budget management

  • Management of costs for maintenance facility

  • Simple and clear planning system

  • Warehouse Management Module


The product is highly informative, the possibility of taking into account all the necessary data, presents information in a convenient form of tables and graphs. The flexible system allows you to adjust the program to the structure of the organization and the customer's needs.


Such a process automation today, is the best in terms of price and quality, that is, at a relatively low price software, the client receives a set of features greatly simplifies the job systematization and accounting data plan. Visually shows the costly part of the maintenance and operation of buildings, making it possible to analyze and optimize customer costs.


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